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TOEIC Contents
Part 7

Tháng 7 2023

153-154 (D-B)

The Business Initiative Society of Greater San Marinoinvites you to our regularly held Social Hour.This is an open forum for owners of small companiesto meet and discuss issues affecting our area.San Marino Botanical GardensEvery Friday evening6:30-7:30 P. M.Light refreshments will be served.Upcoming speakersApril 1: Alfred Rojas, San Marino MayorApril 8: Alexis Lin, San Maino Chamber of Commerce PresidentApril 15: Dana O'Leary, owner, Pinewood Grill

For whom is the invitation intended?
A. Government officials
B. Expert gardeners
C. New residents
D. Local businesspeople
How often is the event held?
A. Once a day
B. Once a week
C. Once a month
D. Once a year

155-156 (D-D)

Thank you for shopping at Marlowe's! Please fill out this questionnaire in order to help us better understand customer needs.1. How often do you visit Marlowe's? ☐ Daily ☑ Weekly ☐ Monthly2. How much do you spend on an average visit? ☐ Under $20 ☐ $20-$40 ☐ $40-$60 ☐ $60-$80 ☐ $80-$100 ☑ Over $1003. What kinds of products did you purchase today? ☐ Uniform for chefs and waiters ☐ Cookware (pots, pans) ☑ Tableware (Glasses, plates, cutlery) ☐ Professional cleaning suppliesName (optional): Sanjiv Patel Business (optional): India Palace
What type of business is Marlowe's?
A. A cleaning service
B. A sports equipment distributor
C. A women's clothing store
D. A restaurant supply store
How much does Mr. Patel usually spend at Marlowe's?
A. Less than $20
B. Between $40 and $60
C. Between $60 and $80
D. More than $100

157-159 (B-C-A)

April 16Dear Ms. Gianetti:As you may know, our office is moving to a new location at 1837 Plymouth Avenue (across the street from the Bailey supermarket).Construction is finally complete, and we will begin seeing patients there on Monday, May 2.The new location offers twice as many as parking spaces, more examination rooms, and a larger waiting room than the old office on Eastbridge Road did.In order to accommodate an increase in the number of patients, our new schedule will offer weekend appointments and longer hours during the workweek;we will now be open 8 A. M. - 6 P. M. , Monday - Friday, and 10 A. M. - 3 P. M. , on Saturday.We are also welcoming two additions to our staff: Dr. Anne Hui, who has been practicing dentistry for over ten years, and Ellen Howard, our new dental assistant.For detailed directions to the new location, see the enclosed map.Please note that Exit 9 is the nearest exit if you are driving on the Benson Highway.The nearest light rail station is Grosvenor Street.Dr. Charles Somerville
What kind of business is moving?
A. A construction firm
B. A dentist's practice
C. A shipping company
D. A supermarket
Where was the business previously located?
A. On Plymouth Avenue
B. On Grosvenor Street
C. On Eastbridge Road
D. On Benson Highway
What is suggested about the business?
A. It is moving so that it can expand.
B. Its new location is more convenient for travel by train.
C. It has several employees who are retiring soon.
D. It will offer fewer appointments during the workweek.

160-161 (C-D)

MeMoTo: All Hourly Employees ​From: Marisa Gomez, President ​Date: December 15 ​Re: Payroll ProcessingThe accounting department will begin transferring employees information into the new online timekeeping system on or around January 2.The system will be operational beginning on February 1.Starting on that date, all employees must enter their work hours into the online system daily.January 31 is the last date on which the accounting department will accept the old paper timesheets.Chrisopher Van Pelt will be leading a tutorial on the new system on January 15.To sign up, please call him at ext. 478.
What are employees being asked to do?
A. Order paper using a different method
B. Transfer personal belongings to a new location
C. Submit employees information online
D. Ask the accounting department for a new work schedule
When will the policy change take effect?
A. On December 15
B. On January 2
C. On January 15
D. On February 1
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